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Welcome to my home. I have always found the home recording environment allows musicians to relax, and in turn create/perform at their highest potential. Therefore, I decided to turn my home into a creative hub within the Scottish Music community. The vision of Oak Ridge Studios is for a place where musicians can feel completely at ease, while still making serious music.

I have designed two large and unique spaces over two floors within my house. Having different sounding acoustical environments adds a different dimension of depth to a recordings made here. Located in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, the studio is only a 10 minute drive from the city centre with strong public transport links and shops nearby. 


My main ethos is to give every album its OWN unique footprint and distinctive sound. I love the 'recordist' nature to the art, and will capture the most realistic acoustic sounds if desired, but I'm also not scared to really push sounds into more creative and unconventional realms. I like large, fat & dynamic sounding mixes that really punch into the listeners ear, while also sympathetically caressing the subtle nuances and emotional moments captured in the performance. Check out my discography to hear some of my previous work with clients. 

A 'Home Recording Studio' probably comes with connotations of sacrificing quality, but I have invested and collected the highest quality of vintage/modern analogue microphones and equipment that would stand up to any large format recording studio. The studio has been professionally acoustically designed and soundproofed. For more specifics of my large collection, please see my detailed Gear List.


Although I would say I specialise in Folk, Acoustic, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Ambient and Experimental music, I love working on ALL genres. Typically, I charge a day/hourly rate, but can work on a project specific budget. Within my fee, I can offer:


sound design




remote recording

live sound

whistles/bagpipes/wooden flute


additional production


Please send me an email about your project, I'd love to hear your vision and hopefully I can help you in make it a reality. 

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